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Read multiple articles and resources about SWI from WordWorks -- and our growing community. The main new article I wanted to highlight in this Newsletter is a response I composed to the common question "How do I integrate SWI with my current practice?" 

See the highlights in the screen shot of page 1 below.

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  1. Sandie Barrie Blackley

Ever since Real Spelling and you and Gina were gracious enough to do live broadcasts for the Lexercise community, we have been "integrating" SWI into our structured literacy (aka, Orton-Gillingham) approach. Now I can't imagine how a word structure curriculum could make sense without it!

Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!

Sandie Barrie Blackley, MA/CCC
Speech-Language Pathologist
Lexercise Co-Founder


Thanks so much Sandie. I'm so glad you have made such progress out of this work!

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