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This new ‘Real Script’ resource is now available from the Real Spelling site. You can go directly to the Real Script page from this link.

Script is one of the noblest achievements of mankind and an expression of our very being. It embodies everything that is sublime and dignified about our shared humanity. Real script is writing as the engine of the construction and reconstruction of sense and meaning as text, in a context of aesthetic fulfilment that is an affirmation and confirmation of our own identity. 

Five hundred years ago the Renaissance writing masters knew and understood that script is a highroad to reading and is thoroughly orthographic.


In December, Dan Allen and his fifth graders were invited by Lexercise to introduce real script to its audience. It was a seminal event of orthographic enlightenment in the inspissated gloom of the contemporary schooling industry. If you haven’t yet seen that broadcast, you should visit and savour it now at this link.

As one of Dan’s students matter-of-factly headed her personal blog at the time: ‘Class 5A Teaches the World Real Script’. 

And it was no exaggeration.


We have been thoroughly enjoying ourselves constructing this Real Script resource.

Real script is not a question of copied shapes, it is a dance of of the pen that creates meaningful pathways that can only properly be represented by a medium that itself represents and demonstrates movement in real time. Developing the specific technology we wanted has been mind-batteringly demanding but extremely satisfying.

And, as with all our resources, we don't really care whether it 'sells' (in either sense of the term) or not. All that is important to us is that this resource will be there for those few in whom still lives and thrives the Renaissance spirit of criticism in minds that are naturally free, and not content to submit to official mediocrity -

minds like those of the real spelling community that is leading a modern orthographic renaissance. Born again script is with us!

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