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So, Pete and Robyn; what are your analyses of these constructions?

<anxiety> <contrariety> <dubiety>
<entirety> <gaiety> <notoriety>
<piety<propriety> <satiety>
<sobriety> <society> <surety>
<ubiety> <variety>

. . .

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variety -> vari+e+ty Relatives: various. Free base final <y> toggles from Latin <i> (vary)
ubiety-> ubi+e+ty Relatives: ubi
surety-> sure+e+ty Syllabic <e> before <ty>
society->soci+e+ty Relatives: social, associate, disassociate, sociology
sobriety-> sobri+e+ty Etymological relatives: ebriety, inebriated
satiety-> sati+e+ty Relatives: satiate
propriety-> prop(e)r+e+ty Relatives: property
piety-> pi+e+ty Relatives: pious
notoriety-> notori+e+ty Relatives: notary Analyzed further? Free base final <y> toggles from Latin <i> (notary)?
gaity-> gay+e+ty Alternate spelling: gayety
entirety-> entire+ e+ty Syllabic <e> before <ty>
dubiety-> dubi+e+ty Relatives: dubious
contrariety-> contrary + e +ty Relatives: contrarian. Analyzed further? Free base final <y> toggles from Latin <i> (contrary)
anxiety-> anxi+e+ty Relatives: anxious

Here's my stab at the <e> connecting vowel letter.

Lisa Klipfel
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