Or, as some of my students want to call it, Bluff Masters. Introduced a new class game yesterday, to replace Word Match (mentioned in a previous blog post), which we had already played for several months.

The new game is our take on the old British gameshow Call My Bluff. We divided into teams of 3. Each team was given a packet of slips for a single word. One slip had the definition, the other 2 said, "BLUFF!" All the slips had word sums, pronunciation (sorry, Melvyn, but I didn't use IPA, as it still takes them awhile to decipher it -- we need more practice), and etymology, and, for the first time playing, the Bluff slips included some hints for possible bluffs.

Each member of a team explained the meaning of the word, real or bluff, and then the other teams discussed among themselves and agreed on which they thought was correct. If right, their team got a point: if wrong the bluffing team got a point.

They got rapidly better at bluffing, and by the end were being positively devious!

You can download the slips from our first day here. I hope that if some of you play the game with your students, you will create your own slips and upload them here so that we can build a bank of word slips for all to use.