Sometimes silly but fun things just seem to fall into your lap, especially when your mind tends to make weird associations.

My 5th graders did a music performance for the parents tonight. One of their songs was Gilbert and Sullivan's "Modern Major General," a difficult song which they did quite well. Watching them, something popped into my head which, I imagine, would pop into the heads of many people of a certain age -- Tom Lehrer singing the Periodic Table of the Elements to the tune of "Modern Major General."

We are just about to begin the third week of our introduction to Latin, and I thought this might be a fun way to start it off, as many of the elements are derived from Latin roots, and many of the rest are made to seem as if they do (except for the Greek ones, of course). I have everything Tom Lehrer ever did on my iPod, but I thought it would be easier just to grab it from YouTube. So I went to YouTube, and there found not only the song, but a lovely animated version of it.


So I grabbed that to show them too. I planned to play just the audio first to see if they knew what it was all about. Then, when they said it was the Periodic Table (I'm quite confident they will know that), I would play the animation for them on our big screen. Very nice, I thought.

But, while poking around in YouTube, I found something they will like even better. How did we ever live without the internet?


If you've been reading this blog, you may remember that we started this little Latin overview with spells, potions, and characters from Harry Potter. So, it seems our crooked path is leading us full circle. Strangely karmic, no?

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